Bucharest Open – A road trip

Three adventurous members of our club travelled over 1800 km for their first international debate competition in Bucharest, Romania. It was a weekend full of new experiences, high quality debates and getting to know debaters from all around Europe, followed by a short trip through the country.

Jonathan Scania Fussgaengerzone Bukarest

It all started with a long trip. After two days on the road we finally arrived at our accommodation, a hotel in the city center of Bucharest, where we shortly settled before we took off to the social at a bar. We took our chance to talk to Romanian students, comparing our academic experience and what role debating played in our lives and society. While in Germany most people only start debating at University, in Romania and other countries it is common to start debating at school. As a result, most participating debaters had many years of experience.

Blick Uni Bukarest

Saturday started with a breakfast consisting of delicious covrigi, a kind of Romanian pretzel at the faculty of history, where the whole competition took place. And then it began … our, Jonatan’s and Scania’s first international English debate competition. Votes and wealth, LGBQ+, Soccer, US American politics and being single vs. in a partnership were the topics we debated about (you can find the motions below). After 15 minutes preparation time we had to give 7-minute speeches in English. The level of debating was high, and we learned a lot from all the experienced speakers. Even though we were quite fatigued by all the new impressions, we used the evening for long chats with other debaters while having a nice drink.

Jonathan Scania sitzend Bukarest

Sunday there still was one debate to go and despite being tired from the night before, we gathered all our energy to explain why the democrats in the US should run their campaign with a candidate of the extreme left and made second place in the debate … yeah!
In the end we placed 25. from 27 teams… but we’re into it now, coming back soon and definitely are motivated to train hard.
But before starting that hard training we used one week of our time for vacation in beautiful Romania: a country characterized by ambiguity and contrast, deep green landscapes, delicious food and friendly people … definitely worth coming back soon.
Ne vedem curând!

Strand Bukarest

The motions
R1: On a scale of 1 to 5, This house would inversely weight votes in national elections proportional to wealth (i.e the poorest members of society’s votes would be worth 5 and the wealtiest 1).
R2: This house believes that the LGBTQ+ movement should aim to actively normalize behaviors stereotypically applied to the community (e.g. promiscuity, flamboyance, anti-establishment etc.) rather than dispute the applicability of those stereotypes.
R3: THBT UEFA (the European Football Association) should enforce a maximum total salary cap, which is significantly lower than the salaries of current top teams, for all clubs participating in their competitions.
R4: THW raise their child to prefer being single.
R5: TH, as the Democratic Party in the USA, would nominate a centrist candidate (e.g. Joe Biden) for the 2020 presidential general election, rather than nominating a strongly left-wing candidate (e.g. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders).
Semifinal: TH, as Hamas, would unilaterally disarm.
Grand Final: TH supports the American Dream as a dominant narrative in society.